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Panel Session 04 Aug 2020

Extreme weather events are no longer low probability events and they have extremely deteriorated the resilience of the power grid—during the period of 2014–2018, the average annual extreme events in the U.S. has doubled in comparison to the period of 1980–2018. Although several resilience metrics have been proposed, there have been no standard resilience metrics, nor are there standard methods to evaluate them. This panel addresses the advances in resilience modeling, metrics, and evaluation. Experts from regulatory, industry, and academia will review the progresses in resilience definition and its measurement, policy, and impacts on the industry and utility practices under extreme events. System resilience will be discussed in terms of the ability of a system to function within an acceptable level of operation under extreme events; and of its preparedness to disturbances and attacks. This panel will contribute to establishing universally accepted power system resilience metrics.

Joydeep Mitra, Jay Liu
Primary Committee:
Analytic Methods for Power Systems (AMPS)
Sponsor Committees:
Reliability and Risk Analysis