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Panel Session 04 Aug 2020

The growing presence of inverter-based resources is challenging conventional power system modeling practices. It is now time to revisit the criteria that define which model is the right one for a given scenario. In particular, RMS positive sequence simulations and electromagnetic transient (EMT) simulations are most commonly performed in power system planning studies. It is important to define the level of detail, amount of benchmarking, and suitability of these models for each situation. Further, as the percentage of inverter-based resources in the bulk power system is rapidly increasing, it is important to develop an understanding of how to appropriately model such devices for each simulation approach. The panel will bring together industry experts, sharing practical experience in using present state-of-the-art models in commercially available simulation software while simulataneously bringing to the forefront upcoming and new methods (e.g. Dynamic Phasors) looking at developing improved modeling and simulation approaches. Coherently, the Panel session will be structured in two parts:
• Review of practical experiences using different modeling approaches (RMS positive sequence, EMT).
• Review of new modeling approaches to tackle the challenge A final panel discussion will be used to bridge the two parts.

Antonello Monti, Zhenyu Huang
Primary Committee:
Power Systems Dynamic Performance (PSDP)