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2019 IEEE General Meeting Panel Presentation: Transmission Planning for Storage: Size and Location

R. Alvarez, M. Henderson, K. Wawrzyniak, D. Elizondo, S. Kodsi, R. Cetnarski, P. Pourbeik

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Panel 12 Aug 2019

Energy storage systems can deliver value to power systems in several ways, from alleviating network congestion to providing ancillary services. This wide range of applications leads to the necessity of considering energy storage systems in transmission system planning efforts, either as candidate solutions or as existing assets whose operational flexibility affect the nature and schedule of capacity addition. The panel will cover methodologies and procedures for coordinated planning for transmission and storage, highlighting best practices and lessons learned by TSOs and planning agencies, industry players and research centers from the USA, Canada, Latin America and Europe.

Jim Feltes, Sundar Venkataraman
Sponsor Committees:
Power System Operations, Planning and Economics (PSOPE)