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Panel 12 Aug 2019

Cyber-physical interdependencies exist extensively in various aspects of the power grid. To further enhance existing reliability evaluation models and methodologies, considerable research effort and input from both academia and industry are needed. The first challenge is test systems that allow standardization of results. Due to the lack of appropriate failure models for cyber- and decision-layer equipment, the widely used IEEE Reliability Test Systems need to be expanded to meet the requirement of CPPS reliability analysis. As the consequence of CPPS reliability analysis, power system reliability requires a modification to its standardization due to the complexity CPPS. The enhancement to monitoring, control, and protection through CPPS changes the means of failure and recovery of power system components. Both bulk and distribution system reliability modelling must be changed. This panel will discuss the challenges involved in test systems building and standard enhancement, the possible solutions and progresses.

Ming Ni, Visvakumar Aravinthan
Sponsor Committees:
Analytic Methods for Power Systems (AMPS)