GM 2019 - Variable and Distributed Energy Resources Integration and Provision of Flexibility through Energy Systems Integration

06 Aug 2019
J. Price, A. Orths, F. Albuyeh
Primary Committee:
Power System Operations, Planning and Economics (PSOPE)
Sponsored by:
Bulk Power System Operations Subcommittee
F. Rahimi, A. Tuohy
Session Type:
Panel Session
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Pages: 59
The electric industry landscape is undergoing fundamental changes due to a combination of factors including the proliferation of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), new technologies, electrification of transportation, and the emergence of increasingly savvy prosumers (consumers with distributed generation sources). These changes have fundamental impacts on power system operation both at the bulk power and distribution levels. Ensuring sufficient operational flexibility is a necessary part of operations in systems with high penetrations of variable and distributed generation. This panel session focuses on emerging solutions, policies, and operational models leveraging demand-side assets and energy systems integration as flexible resources in support of bulk power operations.
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