System Protection and Voltage Stability

01 Jun 1993
Working Group K12 Protection Aids to Voltage Stability
Primary Committee:
Power System Relaying Committee
Page/Slide Count:
pages: 34
This special report was prepared by the Protection Aids to Voltage Stability Working Group of the Substation Protection Subcommittee. At the time the report was submitted for approval, May, 1993, the Working Group membership consisted of M. Begovic, D. Fulton, M.R. Gonzalez, J. Goossens, E.A. Guro, R.W. Haas, C.F. Henville, G. Manchur, G.L. Michel, R.C. Pastore, J. Postforoosh, G.L. Schmitt, J.B. Williams, K. Zimmerman. Contributions from former Working Group member A.A. Burzese are also acknowledged.

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