Improved Generator Ground Fault Schemes

01 Sep 2020
Hasnain Ashrafi Tom Beckwith Zeeky Bukhala, Ritwik Chowdhury, Marion Cooper, Marcos Donolo, Jason Espinosa, Normann Fischer , Dale Fredrickson, Randy Hamilton, Wayne Hartmann, Mital Kanabar, Nathan Klingerman, Gary Kobet, Prem Kumar, Charles Mozina, Mukesh Nagpal, Russell Patterson, Superat Pavavicharn,, Robert Pettigrew, Luis Polanco, Michael Reichard, Nader Safari-Shad, Pragnesh Shah, Sudhir Thakur, Steve Turner, Demetrios Tziouvaras
Primary Committee:
Power System Relaying and Control Committee (PSRC)
Sponsored by:
Working Group J12
Chair: Dale Finney Vice Chair: Manish Das
Session Type:
Technical Report
Page/Slide Count:
Pages: 41
The purpose of this paper is to review new or improved methods related to generator ground fault protection. Established stator ground fault protection schemes as referenced in IEEE Guides C37.101-2006 and C37.102-2006 are proven to be effective under the most common failure modes but may fall short in detecting faults that develop due to arcing faults or via uncommon mechanisms such as broken conductors. This paper discusses the limitations of existing protection schemes and presents several new approaches that could be considered to complement traditional ground fault protection schemes in high impedance grounded generators.
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