Relaying Performance Testing

21 Aug 1996
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Power System Relaying Committee
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Relaying Practices and Consumer Interface Protection Subcommittee
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INTRODUCTION 1.1 General The purpose of this report is: ? to provide relay users with an understanding of the strengths and limitations of testing methods used for evaluating the performance of protective relays. ? to serve as a reference for the development oftest plans which determine relay performance and its suitability for application objectives. This material is applicable to a wide variety of relays; it is not an instructional guide for testing specific types of relays. Various objectives associated with relay performance testing are identified; means to achieve those objectives are described. A discussion of test signals and the equipment used to produce them is presented to provide a better understanding of test methods. Most of the discussion in the paper is general, with non-specific background information. Section 6.0 concludes with an example of a comprehensive test plan which illustrates many test approaches. These examples are not intended to be test guides. The information is included to show how one utility applied specific tests to ensure that relay performance would meet application objectives. Download Full Version
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