Volume 16: Issue 2: Energy Management Systems: Controlling the Grid

01 Mar 2018
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Pages: 112
This issue of IEEE Power & Energy Magazine summarizes several remarkable advances in controlling the grid. Guest Editor Mladen Kezunovic compiled five well-written articles that showcase major issues and how they can be addressed by the most current EMSs and DMSs worldwide. As summarized in the �Guest Editorial,� the issue discusses measures of resiliency and the need for coordinating across regional and organizational boundaries, the achievement of wide control over regional power systems, the coordination of T&D operations in the backdrop of regulatory unbundling, major advances in EMSs and a smart substation design, and an innovative DMS design. A variety of perspectives is presented about future requirements and design options for EMS and DMS solutions that address the need of integrating designs across EMSs, DMSs, and market management systems.

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