Volume 15: Issue 5: Opening the Door to Energy Storage: Challenges for Future Systems

01 Sep 2017
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Pages: 92
Our guest editors, Hugh Rudnick and Luiz Barroso, have compiled a veritable manual of energy storage appli-cations. As summarized in the �Guest Editorial,� our issue includes articles on the following: a comprehensive overview of battery energy technologies and applications, the business model for storage and considerations for changing markets and regulatory structures that could improve the economic viability of storage, a discussion of the regulatory debate over the definition of storage and whether it should be classified as a network asset, a generation asset, or as a new separate asset category, a description of grid-level applications of electrical energy storage and use cases in the United States and China, an outline of PJM�s use of energy storage to provide frequency regulation service in their wholesale electric markets, an overview of the evolution of storage technologies in Latin America, a summary of some of the synergies between renewable technologies and storage as applied to microgrids.

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