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01 Feb 2015
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Miroslav Begovic, President, IEEE Power & Energy Society Leader�s Corner The World Apart No More February, 2015 To: Recipients of the 2015 IEEE PES P&E Magazine Reprint Journal: With building blocks in place , we now head into the New Year with momentum�clear, concise goals that bring about a path to a future that reaches the far corners of the globe. It�s humbling to see how hard work and perseverance are investments that pay great dividends, but our job is far from over. Today, as we turn the page, a new chapter is revealed. As cities become more unified in connectivity and more advanced in technology, our communities become more progressive. The heart of the matter is taking what we�ve learned and extending it beyond the borders of municipalities, counties, states and countries. The power industry now has the ability to fulfill rural electrification via the advent of microgrids and renewable energy. In this compendium, you�ll learn that 1.2 billion people do not have regular access to electricity. Latin America alone, according to the International Energy Agency, has an electrification rate that has reached 92.3 percent. But that still leaves 33.8 million people without access to electricity. While providing millions of people with light bulbs to replace lanterns is a daunting task, we have responsibility as an industry to provide a solution that benefits all consumers. Truly, by doing so, we are fulfilling the dreams of many. Communities that seemed unreachable are now emerging from the shadows. Education, commerce and fellowship are now attainable. In this year-end compendium of the Power & Energy Magazine, our focus turns to how our society affects the greater world. PES members are a diverse group�spanning more than 150 countries. Ponder that for a moment. You are part of a power and energy movement that is unlike any other on this planet. You share a common industry goal with more than 33,000 other members: to build and operate a reliable, affordable and efficient grid... for all. Among the aggregated best of the best content, �Power to the People: European Perspectives on the Future of Electric Distribution� fits perfectly with our �PES Spans the Globe� theme. The authors reflect on the importance of the smart grid, its implementation and the important role that Distribution System Operators (DSOs) play. One of the top points made in this article is the realization that smart grids only exist if coupled with smart regulation. Policy makers and regulators should earmark this as a �how to� in the implementation of smart grid infrastructure. In �The Grid of the Future: Ten Trends That Will Shape the Grid Over the Next Decade�, we are reminded of how important our industry�s momentum really is to the evolution of the grid. Storage technologies, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and wind and solar energy all share one thing in common: They�re integral to building a sustainable and reliable electric grid in the U.S. The energy mix is in a state of shift. To prepare, emerging economies and countries with aging infrastructure should adopt a laser-focused strategy that folds energy efficiency into every formula for success. It�s the journey that matters most. In doing so, �A Road Map to Integration: Perspectives on Smart Grid Development� helps guide us toward integration and an understanding of the �why� behind the correct approach. This article offers a more holistic view of the pursuit of smart grid integration� using what electric utilities have created to further sharpen the focus of a developing system.
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