How to Become an Effective Reviewer for IEEE PES Transaction Papers (Recorded Webinar)

07 May 2020
Dr. Aaron Cramer, Dr. Walmir Freitas, Dr. Jonas Nøland
Dr. Wilsun Xu 
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Time: 1:07:23
This panel-style webinar will share ideas on how to conduct effective paper reviews and become a dependable reviewer for PES papers. Three seasoned reviewers and editors of PES Transactions will discuss their experiences on paper reviews. Topics covered include how a reviewer is selected, how to assess various types of papers, what types of review comments are effective, and how does an editor evaluate a reviewer’s comments, editor-reviewer relationship and so on. Although the main purpose of this webinar is to support reviewers, the information can also be very useful to authors who are interested in submitting papers to PES transactions.
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