Channel Performance Considerations for Ethernet Circuits Applied to Teleprotection (TR76)

25 Jun 2020
Walter McCannon (Vice Chair), Jay Anderson, Galina Antonova, Marc Benou, Phil Beaumont, Jorg Blumschein, Jeff Brown, Rolland Cooke, Tom Dahlin, Thomas Flanagan, Christopher Huntley, Mike Keating, Craig Palmer, Bruce Pickett, Dan Reckerd, Takaya Shono, Tuan Tran, Solveig Ward
Primary Committee:
Power System Relaying and Control Committee (PSRC)
Sponsored by:
Communications Subcommittee, Working Group H32
Ken Fodero
Session Type:
Technical Report
Video Length / Slide Count:
Pages: 19
The communication channel is a part of the protection system and enables fulfillment of the protection system requirements. Generally, communication technologies evolve much faster than protective relaying technologies. The current shift towards packet-based data switching, such as Ethernet communications, presents new challenges as characteristics of new packet-based communications are less deterministic than those of traditional Time Division Multiplexing (TDM). By its nature performance of packet-based switching depends on resource availability, while TDM communications utilize dedicated resources.

As protection engineers face the transition to Ethernet-based communications, understanding their operation and expected performance becomes crucial for achieving required reliability of the protection systems.

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