Forced Oscillations in Power Systems (TR 110)

22 May 2023
Lei Chen, Dan Trudnowski, Luke Dosiek, Sukumar Kamalasadan, Yanhui Xu, Xiaozhe Wang
Primary Committee:
Power System Dynamic Performance (PSDP)
Sponsored by:
Oscillation Source Location Task Force, Power System Stability Controls Subcommittee
Chair: Qiang (Frankie) Zhang, Udaya Annakkage
Video Length / Slide Count:
Forced oscillation is a phenomenon where the power swing is caused by an external periodic input, e.g., an oscillating steam valve in a turbine generator. The phenomenon has been known for years; however, only become more visible recently, thanks to the installation of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs). This technical report is driven by the forced oscillation incidents reported across the globe and tries to cover the following three topics: 1. Demonstrate forced oscillations through examples, 2. Formulate forced oscillations, and 3. Provide means to distinguish forced from natural oscillations.

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