Resource Study of Large-Scale Electric Water Heater Aggregation

20 Jan 2020
Kevin Marnell, Conrad Eustis, and Robert B. Bass
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Residential-scale distributed energy assets, like residential electric water heaters, individually present a negligible load to the power grid. When aggregated, however, these assets can impart significant effects within a balancing area; they may be dispatched en masse to provide grid services. An aggregation of water heaters may be controlled to assume generator-like functions with the ability to effectively "decrement power" through dispatch of load. This resource study examines the capabilities of a 10,000 unit water heater aggregation by subjecting the aggregate to dispatch requests of various size and duration, then analyzing how the aggregate responds to and recovers from these requests. Results show that a large-scale aggregation of electric water heaters may effectively decrement power on the scale of megawatts when the dispatch request size and duration are appropriately considered.

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