MATLAB-Based Programs for Power System Dynamic Analysis

19 Nov 2019
Ismael Abdulrahman
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This paper presents MATLAB-based programs developed for power system dynamic analysis. The programs can be used for educational purposes and research studies. With the program, time-domain simulation, system linearization, modal analysis, participation factor analysis and visualization, optimal placement of controller, feedback signal selection, frequency response analysis, and control design can be obtained. In addition to solving a power system problem, the package provides a symbolic and vectorized representation of the model in time domain and state space. The package uses the full advantages of MATLAB's powerful solvers for solving non-stiff and stiff problems. Both explicit and implicit techniques are used for solving the differential algebraic equations (DAEs). The synchronous machines are assumed to be equipped with exciter, turbine, and stabilizer. The loads can be modeled as voltage-dependent and independent loads. The test systems used in this paper are the IEEE 9-bus and 68-bus systems, and Texas's 2007-bus synthetic power system. Different types of disturbances are applied to the systems including generator-side and network-side disturbances. The results demonstrate the efficiency and educational values of the package for researchers and students.

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