A Benchmark Distribution System for Investigation of Residential Microgrids With Multiple Local Generation and Storage Devices

11 Nov 2019
Syed A. Raza and Jin Jiang
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A benchmark distribution system is developed for investigating control and energy management of distributed generation (DG) at a residential level in the form of three single-phase microgrids. The benchmark is derived from a typical distribution network architecture with common parameters found in North-America systems including wiring specifications, line impedances and connection details for rooftop PV systems. This benchmark system can accommodate microgrids operating in both grid-connected and islanded modes.Within this benchmark, multiple single-phase DG sources located in different phases can be coordinated to form a dynamically balanced three phase system under different load and generation profiles in different phases. The coordination of DG sources in a particular phase is achieved through an intra-phase power management device, while mitigating loads and generation imbalance among all phases are done by an inter-phase power management scheme. It is expected that this benchmark system will facilitate investigation of impacts posed by proliferation of single-phase distributed generation devices and local storage systems in private residences. Three case studies have been carried out to demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of this benchmark system.

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