Energy Consumption Model for Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Facility

19 Jun 2020
Nafeesa Mehboob, Hany E. Z. Farag, and Abdullah M. Sawas
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The recent legalization of cannabis is facilitating very rapid growth in the cannabis cultivation industry, with the energy intensive indoor cultivation facilities becoming more prevalent. This presents a challenge to utilities as the high energy demand from this industry can overburden the existing utility infrastructure. Hence, from both planning and operational perspectives, it is crucial to understand the energy consumption of the rapidly growing load. This paper proposes a deterministic energy consumption model for indoor cannabis cultivation operations for the two major loads in these facilities, i.e., lighting and HVAC, over a 24-hour period based on equipment specifications and operational requirements of the facility. This model can further be used to estimate or forecast short-term and long-term energy demands and costs of indoor cannabis operation(s). The proposed model successfully simulated the environmental conditions in a real-world cannabis facility, and the model's energy consumption output is validated using actual measurements taken from this facility as well as model output using GridLab-D.

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