Design Paradigm for Modular Multilevel Converter-Based Generator Rectifier Systems

04 Mar 2020
Raj Sahu and Scott Sudhoff
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Modular Multilevel Converters (MMC) are being widely considered for medium to high voltage DC applications. Designing such converters through multi-objective optimization is of interest because such an approach allows the trade-off between competing objectives (for example mass and loss) to be explicitly and quantitatively identified. In this work, an optimization based design paradigm for MMC based generator rectifier systems is proposed. Such development typically requires detailed component design and simulation models for the electric machine and converter which are computationally expensive. As an alternative, the proposed work utilizes an electric machine metamodel, inductor metamodel, and high-speed steady-state simulation model for the MMC to facilitate multi-objective optimization minimizing system metrics of interest while satisfying system constraints. A case study is undertaken to demonstrate the functionality of the proposed design paradigm.

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