Fault Statistics and Analysis of 220-kV and Above Transmission Lines in a Southern Coastal Provincial Power Grid of China

21 Feb 2020
Binghuang Chen
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Because the causes of transmission line faults are not known clearly at present, this paper proposes fault classification for transmission lines, and analyses the characteristics of different faults. Using the transmission line faults data of southern coastal provincial power grid from 2007 to 2018, this paper analyses the influence and distribution of transmission line faults affected by lightning, typhoon, wildfire, foreign object and external damage. These five faults are the main factors affecting the safe and stable operation of transmission lines in this region. According to the different fault classification and statistical rules, the design standards for important transmission lines should be improved. Considering the factors of micro-topography, micro-meteorology and engineering cost, the inspection and maintenance of existing lines should be strengthened. The statistics and analysis will be helpful to the research, development and application of new theories, new technologies and new equipment in disaster prevention and reduction from the aspects of disaster prediction and monitoring.

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