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Development and Electric Grid Applications of a Magnetometer Network

Komal S. Shetye, Ramyaa Rathna Kumar, Cecilia Klauber, Zeyu Mao, Thomas J. Overbye, Jennifer Gannon, and Michael Henderson

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25 Jan 2021

Monitoring the elements associated with geomagnetic disturbances (GMDs), such as the earth's magnetic field, can help mitigate their negative impacts on the power grid. While there are existing magnetometers monitoring this in certain locations, they are currently sparse and have several gaps in coverage such as the southern US region. This paper describes the recently developed network of six magnetometers in the US state of Texas. Aspects such as the site selection, physical description of a magnetometer station, and data communication are described. Data quality is tested using correlation analysis among these magnetometers and pre-existing magnetic observatories. A real-time magnetic field data streaming and visualization setup is developed, with provisions to make the data available to researchers and industry.

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