Incipient Fault Detection Using Equipment Failure Signatures and Power Quality Monitors

11 Feb 2020
Wilsun Xu
Primary Committee:
Transmission & Distribution Committee (T&D)
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Power Quality Subcommittee, Working Group on Power Quality Data Analytics
Walmir Freitas
LIVE WEBINAR EVENT April 14, 2020 (11AM ET)
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Time: 01:00:00 (40 minutes of instruction followed by 20 minutes of Q&A)

Many power equipment failures and short-circuit incidents are preceded with incipient faults. Such faults often leave unique "marks" on the voltage and current waveforms. In recent years, engineers and researchers in the fields of power quality, power system protection and equipment condition monitoring have all recognized that such unique "marks" or waveform signatures can be used to detect the occurrence of incipient faults. Thus a proactive approach to power system protection may become a reality.

This webinar will present the state-of-the-art developments in the area of incipient fault detection, primarily from the perspective of power quality (PQ) monitoring. PQ monitors are probably the most versatile waveform recording devices and PQ analysis is essentially waveform analysis. As such, PQ monitoring platforms may represent the easiest way to realize "incipient fault detection on a budget".

This webinar will also explain a recent technical report completed by the PES WG on Power Quality Data Analytics, PES-TR-73: "Electrical Signatures of Power Equipment Failures". The webinar will further discuss, frankly, the limitations of existing techniques and the various paths to move forward in this important direction.

About the Presenter:
Dr. Wilsun Xu, is a professor at the University of Alberta, Canada. He obtained PhD from the University of British Columbia, Canada in 1989 and worked in BC Hydro from 1990 to 1996. Dr. Xu is an expert in power quality and an IEEE fellow for contributions to the field of power system harmonics. In recent years, Dr. Xu championed international efforts to expand the use of PQ monitoring and analysis to areas such as incipient fault detection. Driving by this vision, he helped to establish the IEEE PES WG on Power Quality Data Analytics in 2014 and served as its first chair. 

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