LIVE WEBINAR EVENT December 9, 2019 (11AM ET): Circuit Breakers for High Voltage DC Networks

11 Nov 2019
Professor Dragan Jovcic
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Time: 1 hour
DC Circuit Breakers will be key components in future DC transmission networks. There are primarily two families of DC CB which have been brought to market: mechanical DC CB and hybrid DC CB. Mechanical DC CB has lower losses and costs but opening speed is slower. Hybrid DC CB is very fast (2ms) but it uses high voltage semiconductor valves and hence the cost is expected to be higher.
DC CBs have been installed in two multiterminal HVDC projects in China in the last 5 years. A 200kV hybrid DC CB was installed on Zhoushan multiterminal HVDC in 2016, and a 160kV mechanical DC CB was installed on Nan´┐Żao HVDC in 2017. The webinar will discuss technical properties of each of these operational DC CBs. Importantly, a 4-terminal 800kV Zhangbei project is under construction which is planned to include 32 DC CBs. REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS:- If you aren't already signed in, do so by clicking 'Sign In' at the top of this page- Select the 'Add to Cart' button below- Follow the instructions to check out- You need to return to this page to join the live event

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