The Impact of Grid Codes and the Energy Transition on Synchronous Generators - Video

01 Aug 2019
Kevin Chan, Les M. Hajagos, Ana Joswig, Luis Ruoco
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Electric Machinery Committee (EMC)
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Task Force on Grid Code Impacts on Generator Standards
Robert Thornton-Jones
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Time: 01:12:25

Grid operators are specifying more stringent requirements for synchronous generators to safeguard power network operational integrity and stability as worldwide energy transitions are occurring to accommodate large scale integration of renewable energy sources. Hence owners and other stakeholders responsible for specifying generators and excitation systems need to take special care to ensure that equipment will be grid code compliant and avoid serious financial consequences.

This webinar video presents a summary of the findings of an IEEE PES Electric Machines Committee (EMC) task force which was established to investigate and report on impacts of worldwide grid code changes on generator standards.

The following key subject areas will be included:
1. Generator capability envelope and design challenges.
2. System fault related requirements.
3. Generator excitation systems.
4. Operating new and existing generators to support the energy transition.

Panelists: Robert Thornton-Jones (moderator), Ana Joswig, Kevin Chan, Les Hajagos, Luis Ruoco (on behalf of the Task Force on Grid Code Impacts on Machine Standards, part of the Generator Subcommittee within the IEEE PES Electric Machinery Committee)

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