Open Access Publications in Power and Energy Area

16 Jan 2020
Professor Bikash Pal
LIVE WEBINAR EVENT February 19, 2020 (10AM ET)
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The publication landscape has been rapidly evolving towards more open science. Major national research agencies and funders from several states in Europe and other continents require scientists and researchers who benefit from state-funded research organizations and institutions to publish their work in open repositories or in journals that are available to all by 2021. IEEE has responded to this through launching a series of OA journals to establish its leadership in open access domain. The Power and Energy Society has launched two activities to be home of top-quality research dissemination point in open access space in the field of interest of power and energy. This webinar will highlight the activities: IEEE Open Access Journal of Power and Energy and Power Section of IEEE ACCESS. The speaker in his role as VP Publications of the Power and Energy Society will share his vision and experience of OA publishing in power and energy space. The webinar will also highlight the challenge and opportunities involved in open access publications. It will also educate the prospective authors on how the review process are conducted and what supports are available in respect of article processing charges for the authors who are financially challenged.

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Anyone wishing to publish and benefit from papers in gold open access

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