Toward Extreme Fast Charging: Challenges and Opportunities in Directly Connecting to MV Line

30 Apr 2020
Srdjan Srdic, PhD and Srdjan M. Lukic, PhD
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The current state-of-the-art in fast charging technologies will be presented in this webinar. The state-of-the-art dc fast chargers, their design and main characteristics, as well as the ways in which these chargers can be combined to form fast charging stations that mimic the functionality of a gasoline refueling station, will be discussed. The power delivery concepts for these charging stations, advantages and disadvantages of the current and proposed approaches will be reviewed. Finally, a novel approach will be presented, where charging station connects directly to the medium voltage line, thus eliminating a number of power electronics conversion stages, as well as the low-frequency step down transformer. The significant benefits of this technology when considering extreme fast charging rates will be discussed, and the key technology gaps in making this technology more widely adopted will be identified.
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