IEEE PES Webinar Series: A Refresher talk on Electrical Safety

19 Aug 2020
Koti Reddy B.
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LIVE WEBINAR EVENT October 2, 2020 (10 AM ET)
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Time: 01:00 (45 min of instruction followed by 15 minutes of Q&A)
This Webinar: Electricity is very useful for mankind since its invention. We are using it in our domestic life and Industries for lighting, Heating, Ventilation, Air- Conditioning, Fans, and to drive Pumps, Compressors etc. We know the importance of human life and so the safety precautions when working with electricity. This talk aims to highlight the hazards associated with electricity and the precautions to be taken. Contents: Type of electric accidents, Causes of accidents, voltage levels and hazards, effects of elec. Current, body resistance, arc flash safety, safety measures and audit and codes/standards.
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