Importance of T&D Grid Modernization to Mitigate Impacts from and Adapt to Climate Change (Video)

20 Apr 2022
Dr. Babu Chalamala, Dr. Aleksi Paaso, Dr. Damir Novosel
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Time: 01:08:26
The electric industry is undergoing one of its most dramatic transformations driven by the need to reduce dependence on fossil fuels for generation, integrate clean energy technologies, and adapt to the realities of climate change. The grid is also being increasingly tested by weather events with greater frequency and intensity, as well as by human-made threats like physical and cyber-attacks. To achieve aggressive decarbonization goals, the electric power sector will need to re-think how to plan, design, regulate, and operate the electric grid. This webinar, based on the Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee (ITS LC) report TR93, identifies efforts of the power sector to modernize the grid and combat climate change. It highlights the importance of T&D grid modernization to mitigate impacts from and adapt to climate change. It helps to frame, inform, and support the industry’s activities and investment priorities to pursue the decarbonization of the electric power sector. It also addresses importance of grid resilience to achieve targets.

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