DC Technologies for Grid Integration of Offshore Renewable Power (Slides)

15 Dec 2021
Jun Liang
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This presentation covers recent needs and development of DC technologies for the integration of large scale offshore wind power.
Modelling and control of voltage source converters for HVDC are described for connecting offshore wind farms and for operation of multiple converters in multi-terminal DC grids. A method is presented to compare the reliability and economics of various types of converters with different power ratings, topologies, drives, cooling and submodule redundancy. Recommendations are made for optimal converter design for reliable DC grid operation. This presentation also compares various topologies of collection systems within offshore farms including AC and parallel/series DC collectors. Power losses, energy curtailment, power capacity, control capability of wind farms are analyzed considering different wind turbine ratings, cable distance and connection to HVDC or MVDC networks. A method is presented to compare reliability and economics of MVDC converters in order to achieve most suitable configurations at MV level for grid integration of offshore wind power.

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