A Review of Hybrid Renewable Alternative Energy System for Electric Power Generation Configuration, Control, and Applications

23 Jun 2016
Hashem Nehrir
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IEEE Power & Energy Society Webinar Series
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Time: 00:51:17
This presentation is on the paper, prepared by a special task force of the IEEE PES Renewable Technologies Subcommittee of the Energy Development & Power Generation Committee, is a review of hybrid renewable alternative energy, RE AE, power generation systems focusing on energy sustainability. It highlights some important issues and challenges in the design and energy management of hybrid RE AE systems. System configurations, generation unit sizing, storage needs, and energy management and control are addressed. Statistics on the current status and future trend of renewable power generation, as well as some critical challenges facing the widespread deployment of RE/AE power generation technologies and vision for future research in this area are also presented. The comprehensive list of references given at the end of the paper should be helpful to researchers working in this area.

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