Analysis of Ground Networks Interconnected Electrical Systems Including Power Generators Using Renewable Resources

27 Aug 2015
Federico Machado
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IEEE Power & Energy Society Webinar Series
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Time: 01:08:00
The grounding system is an important component in the protections on electrical installations. Different ways exist of generating electricity from renewable resources, including the need to locate support structures in areas exposed to a variety of inclement weather, including lightning. Additionally, many of the control and monitoring equipment for generators of renewable energy, have a high degree of sensitivity to perturbations due to the nature of electronic components and, finally, there is the inclusion of existing charges, which will require connection commissioning network ground to establish its protections against disturbances in the distribution network. With the need to connect all computers in generation and loads to the ground network commissioning, reflection arises if you have a single system which connects all loads is necessary and sufficient to protect the equipment or, in another scenario, install earthing systems dedicated individually. This webinar identifies the need for individual networks interconnected with a desire to improve the level of protection of equipment and personnel in the event of electrical shock. This webinar will benefit those involved with new installations or maintenance of grounding systems at home or industrial edification.

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