Electromagnetic Compatibility between AC Overhead Transmission Lines and Metallic Pipelines

25 Aug 2016
Jose Daconti
Primary Committee:
IEEE Power & Energy Society Webinar Series
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Time: 01:00:20
Difficulties in obtaining new rights of way for high voltage power lines and pipelines have increased the trend of locating these facilities within shared corridors. Problems that can arise from these close proximities will be addressed in this webinar. Initially, overhead transmission line modeling under normal operating conditions and under single line to ground faults will be presented. In addition, relevant overhead line and pipeline electrical parameters will be examined. Next, minimum safe distances between overhead lines and pipelines will be discussed. Then, capacitive, inductive and conductive coupling mechanisms and their effects will be analyzed. Also the following risks will be addressed, electric shock to people, damage to pipeline insulating coating and insulating joints, and damage to pipeline cathodic protection system. Typical design criteria will be presented together with typical mitigation means and design best practices. Finally an application example will be shown.

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