Analytics Use Cases and Foundational Components

05 Dec 2017
Frank M Gonzales Jr, Senior Engineer, Southern California Edison
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IEEE Power & Energy Society Webinar Series
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Time: 00:47:15
In this talk, we will share results from a study which performed phase identification using supervised and un-supervised learning and I will provide analytics use cases for difference areas in a utility and then go through in more detail. We will first talk about voltage analytics. For example, we will discuss Distribution Engineers, Distribution System Operators, and Planners will evaluate voltage data at customer meter end points and at several strategic bellwether locations along a circuit. The analysis will help to facilitate several proactive decisions Planners, Distribution Engineers, and Distribution System Operators need to undertake such as customer voltage complaints and circuit voltage criteria violations. The second topic is about energy and power analytics capability. For example, Distribution Engineers will evaluate the energy consumption data starting with the end-point customers and aggregating it to the transformer, sub-circuit, circuit, and substation bank level. The data will then be analyzed to (1) understand the asset loading conditions of the electrical network, (2) provide comparisons to nameplate ratings of the assets, (3) provide comparisons to the SCADA data recorded at substations and primary network, and (4) present loading status in the form of heat map visualization. The detailed power flow of the entire network will be utilized by various enterprise planning tools including System Modelling Tools, Long Term Planning Tools, and Grid Management Systems. Finally, we will talk about asset health analytics with 5 use cases.

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