Community of the Future

23 Jun 2016
Adrienne Grier, Manager of Smart Grid Programs for Smart Grid & Technology, ComEd
Primary Committee:
IEEE Power & Energy Society Webinar Series
A Community of the Future is a place where ComEd and a local community collaborate to create a "smart community" - connected, custom, livable, and, sustainable - in which the smart grid and a host of other technologies and related services are fully leveraged to enhance the everyday lives of community members. ComEd and a local community- Bronzeville, are collaborating to bring a host of technologies and services - current and future - to create a "smart community" in which the energy system - and the many uses of its digital network - is localized and human-centered, with power that is ultra-reliable and can be generated and controlled at the community level. Residents and businesses will benefit from new technologies such as a microgrid, community solar gardens, and a network of EV charging stations amongst others.

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