New Standards for the Modern Liquid-Immersed Transformer (Webinar)

22 Aug 2013
Richard P. Marek of DuPont Energy Solutions
Primary Committee:
IEEE Power & Energy Society Webinar Series
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Time: 59:20
Today, state of the art computer programs have extracted about as much cost as possible in pursuit of competitive designs, while still maintaining the highest standard of quality and reliability. High-temperature in liquid-immersed transformer applications offers a new avenue to explore the possibilities of matching an application with optimized cost and is now one of the few opportunities available for a true step-change in design strategy. High-temperature design has been around for many years operating on the fringe of the standards and lurking in the background. Since, almost by definition, the standards follow technology rather than lead the development, at some point a critical mass creates the need for a written document to structure and guide the future development of a new technology. This presentation will discuss a newly published IEEE document that will finally standardize high-temperature liquid-immersed transformers. Complimentary to this new standard is the recently published IEEE document that defines the test procedures for determining the thermal class of an insulation system in a liquid dielectric medium. Examples of typical and not-so-typical global applications for high-temperature liquid-immersed transformers will also be presented.

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