Enhanced Power Grid Operations with Synchrophasors (Webinar)

11 Oct 2012
Jay Giri, Alstom Grid
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IEEE Power & Energy Society Webinar Series
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Time: 01:00:16
This webinar describes how synchrophasor measurements from phasor measurement units (PMUs) can dramatically improve our ability to monitor and control the power grid. PMUs are being increasingly deployed across power grids worldwide. PMUs produce sub second high resolution time tagged synchrophasor measurements which augment the traditional 24 seconds SCADA measurements, and will flood the control center with valuable new data. For the first time in history, grid operators will be provided with a time synchronized view of grid conditions. A revolutionary new paradigm is introduced where high resolution (up to 60 samples a second) synchrophasor measurement based analytics are used to complement and augment traditional model based analytics at the control center EMS. An advanced visualization framework synthesizes information from the various analytics to provide operators with not just improved situational awareness but more importantly actionable information. Benefits of adding synchrophasor applications at the control center EMS include: Maximizing utilization of existing transmission capacity by confidently operating the grid closer to its actual, true, operating limit, Providing an early warning system to quickly identify grid disturbances and to guard against blackouts, Monitoring for undesirable grid oscillations, Identifying islanding conditions, Prompt efficient forensic post disturbance analysis to find out what just happened, where and why These new capabilities will significantly enhance the control center operator's ability to guard against blackouts to keep the lights on. Who Should Attend? Power company practicing engineers and executives, government regulators, academia, researchers, students

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