Smart Distribution: DA/DMS Systems and ADMS Integration with DERs and Microgrids - Session 5

01 May 2019
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This course introduces the intuitive concepts, fundamental theories and practical technologies on distribution system modeling, analysis, automation and management, including the core functionalities and real use cases of the Distribution Automation and Management Systems (DA/DMS) and the advanced applications in Smart Distribution, as well as the integration with Distributed Energy Resources {DERs) and Microgrids.

The course will cover the following break-down topics: the roles of Smart Distribution and DA/DMS in Smart Grid and Grid Modernization; overall framework and architecture of DA/DMS Systems in Smart Distribution; Distribution System modeling for operation analysis, automation and management; static and dynamic data management, advanced real-time and analytic applications in DA/DMS; Advanced DMS (ADMS) integration with other systems {OMS, AMI, DRM) in Smart Distribution; and ADMS integration with DERs and Microgrids, including DERs/Microgrids connection/disconnection to/from the Distribution Grid.

The course also introduces a series of new trends in Smart Distribution and ADMS Development, including Energy Storage related technologies, Transportation Electrification, Anti-islanding solutions, Resilient Fault Isolation and Service Restoration approaches without communications, etc.

This session will cover Distribution Load Flow Analysis, Short Circuit Analysis Optimal Feeder Reconfiguration, Optimal Capacitor Placement, Feeder Relay Protection Coordination, Maintenance and Outage Planning, Distribution Simulation.

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