2021 PES ISGT NA Tutorial Series: NI4AI Workshop on PMU and Time Series Data Analysis at Scale, Session 2: Artificial Intelligence and the Grid

14 Jan 2021
Sean Murphy, Chris Ryan, Mohini Bariya
Laurel Dunn
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Time: 02:00 (1 hour 45 min of instruction followed by 15 minutes of Q&A)
This multiple session tutorial is designed to train researchers and practitioners to begin analyzing synchrophasor (i.e., PMU) and point on wave data. The course covers concepts from power engineering and data science, and will show attendees how to develop efficient workflows for analyzing and visualizing time series data at scale. The first day of the course will cover foundational concepts from power systems engineering, and will relate PMU data to physical properties of the grid. The session will discuss phasor calculation, and methods for using phasor data to compute frequency. We will close with a summary of best practices and lessons learned from using PMU data in industry. The second day will teach attendees how to develop fast and efficient AI/ML workflows. Panelists will step through code they’ve developed to analyze time series grid data for applications in data science and engineering. The tutorial will demonstrate workflows using PredictiveGridTM, a high performance data analytics platform available for anyone to use through the National Infrastructure for AI on the Grid (NI4AI). The course will include a high-level discussion about the opportunities and outlook for AI on the grid, and will connect attendees with resources for continued learning. The course is organized through NI4AI (ni4ai.org), an online community that offers open access grid data, educational content, and a state-of-the-art data analytics platform designed to eliminate barriers to working with time series data at scale.
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