2020 PES General Meeting Tutorial Series: Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics in Smart Grid, Session 4: Streaming Analytics and Machine Learning Design for Smart Grid and Power Systems

01 Jul 2020
Dr. Le Xie and Dr. Yang Weng
Dr. Nanpeng Yu
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This multi-presenter tutorial provides background information, real-world development experience, and in-depth discussions of big data analytics and machine learning in smart grid. The value, velocity, volume, and variety of big data in the smart grid will be discussed. The basics of machine learning algorithms such as unsupervised learning, supervised learning, and reinforcement learning algorithms will be delivered in good depth for working professionals. Important real-world applications of big data analytics and machine learning in the transmission system, distribution system, and electricity market will be presented.
These applications include: behind-the-meter solar estimation, load modeling & monitoring, PMU data analytics, high impedance fault identification, topology identification, distribution system state estimation, oscillation detection and analysis, data-driven distribution system management, topology identification.

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