2020 PES General Meeting Tutorial Series: Grid_Energy Storage Technology and Applications, Session 1: Overview & Technologies - Video

21 Jul 2020
Babu Chalamala, Jim McDowall, Vince Sprenkle, Chris Searles
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Time: 02:00 (1 hour 45 min of instruction followed by 15 minutes of Q&A)
This multi-presenter tutorial covers the basics of electrical energy storage (primarily for the grid), including the factors driving the need for electrical energy storage; the various energy storage applications; various present and potential future battery energy storage technologies (BESS), e.g., Li-based, advanced lead-acid, flow batteries, sodium-based batteries, metal-air batteries, and zinc-based rechargeable batteries; commissioning of energy storage systems; engineering of energy storage systems, interconnection with the grid (e.g., IEEE 1547); energy management systems, commissioning, system safety and reliability, and finally, code compliance.
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