2020 PES General Meeting Tutorial Series: Distribution System Optimization, Session 1: Volt-VAr Optimization and Control and Feeder PV/EV Hosting Capacity and Mitigation

17 Aug 2020
Dr. Ahmed Y. Saber
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Time: 01:54:27
This Multiple Session Tutorial: Power system is the most complex network in the world. After increasing computational power and available sensory data, users want to model their power systems in detail using GIS. A distribution system is an example. Distribution system is unbalance. Moreover, new discrete and non-linear complex elements are being added every day, e.g., renewables, smart inverters, storages, electric vehicles and so on. Those intelligent devices and bi-directional power flows make the distribution network more complex. Thus distribution systems cannot be handled efficiently without using proper intelligence and optimization. Modern utilities are putting priories on distribution system optimization for operations and planning. Industries are looking for fast non-linear optimization tools. This tutorial mainly covers available distribution system optimization studies, methods and tools with practical examples. Distribution system optimization studies include Volt-VAr Optimization, Feeder PV/EV Hosting Capacity, Switching Optimization, Optimum Capacitor-Regulator Placement, Battery Modeling-Optimization-Sizing, etc.
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