2020 PES GM Tutorial Series: Cybersecurity of the Electric Power Transmission and Distribution System, Session 1: Introduction (Video)

01 Jul 2020
Dr. Murty V.V.S. Yalla, Dr. Nathan Wallace
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Duration/Time: 02:00
Dr. Murty V.V.S. Yalla, Dr. Nathan Wallace
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Duration/Time: 02:00
This multi-presenter tutorial video discusses cybersecurity basics including passwords & access management, authentication, encryption, network security monitoring, techniques in cyber alarming, logging, and auditing. The tutorial also covers NERC CIP requirements applicable to T&D systems along with brief overview of IEEE and IEC standards. Cybersecurity implementation examples of substation protection, automation and controls systems including devices inside as well as outside the substations are also discussed. Utility perspective on Cybersecurity and NERC CIP compliance will be included.
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