Introduction to Behind the Meter Storage - Safety, Control, and Options Session 1: Options for Behind the Meter Storage, SWOT (slides)

13 Jul 2021
Doug Houseman
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Putting storage at the premise is the goal of many customers. No need to worry about the grid, no waiting to charge vehicles, and no worries, right? It solves a number of issues with large rooftop arrays and grid constraints, it can solve issues with outage durations as well. Storage at a premise can lead to all sorts of issues, from maintenance to fires. It is not that storage at a premise is a bad idea, it just needs to be done right. Choosing the right storage, working with first responders to teach them what to do with storage. Following the rules for design and location and even picking the right storage is important to longevity and other issues.

Once storage is installed inspection, maintenance, and operation can make a huge difference in the safety and life of the storage.
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