TESC 2019 - Visions for Participation

10 Jul 2019
Farrokh Albuyeh, David Holmberg, Tom McDermott
Tanya Barham
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The Case for Distribution Tagging and Congestion Management in Support of Transactive Energy - In this paper we review the e-tagging and congestion management concepts and will analyze how the same concepts can be adapted for application to the distribution system using D-Tags™. We will also discuss the requirements to further streamline and automate the tagging and congestion management tools for application to distribution grids to support large numbers of DERs and prosumers and many points of entry and delivery for transactions.

Analysis of Residential DER Potential for Grid Service Provision - NIST performed research to study in depth the technical potential of residential devices and systems to supply energy reserves, voltage and frequency support. An evaluation was performed for eleven common household devices/systems based on six indicators of capability: flexibility, availability, fast response, reserves, reactive power, and power level.

Commercial Buildings in Transactive System Simulations - This presentation will describe two approaches to improve the modeling of buildings and lower the barrier for their participation in transactive energy systems. First, a streamlined model building approach that starts with eQuest, which is more accessible to industry than EnergyPlus, will be described. Second, a Modelica-based dynamic model of the HVAC system and other loads that is more accurate for transactive system simulation will be presented.

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