TESC 2019 - Physical & Cyber Technology & Infrastructure

09 Jul 2019
Alan Ransil, Kenneth Wacks, Umit Cali
Ron Bernstein
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A Computable Multilayer Systems Tack for Future-Proof Interoperability - The future decarbonized power grid will make increasing use of distributed energy resources (DERs) controlled using data collected at an extremely granular level compared to today's coarse bulk power system models. However, the centralized system by which security constrained economic dispatch is implemented at the transmission level cannot be directly applied to a distribution system comprising five orders of magnitude as many nodes engaging in complex scheduling and bidding behavior. Emerging data processing tools such as distributed state estimation algorithms, multiparty computation, blockchains, zero-knowledge proofs and machine learning hold the promise of collecting and processing the necessary data efficiently and securely.

Cybersecurity and Energy Management Standards for TE - Cybersecurity for IoT and advanced energy management are essential for real-time automated Transactive Energy. This presentation will introduce this suite of standards and explain how these technical standards allow consumers and service providers to choose and enforce privacy options. Incorporating privacy protection during product design is less costly for manufacturers than fixing problems later and compensating customers for breaches.

Transactive Energy Blockchain for Use Cases Segmentation and Standardization Framework - Transactive Energy Systems are designed by using the advantage of the advance control and economic operational functionalities to dynamically balance the electrical demand and supply within the electrical grid using advanced information and communication technologies. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT, in particular Blockchain, is considered as one of the most promising emerging technologies which will transform the future business and social consumer behaviour in several industrial segments fundamentally.

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