TESC 2019 - Regulatory & Policy (audio file)

09 Jul 2019
L. Dobriansky, M. Knight, F. Rahimi
Chris Villarreal
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Time: 01:00:42
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Regulatory Accelerators for Building Transactive Energy Markets - will focus on "regulatory accelerators" for transitioning from a predominant reliance upon administrative mechanisms, under the legacy utility paradigm, to market-based mechanisms.

Readiness of Policy for TES - This presentation focuses on the upper part of the GWAC Stack, specifically on policy.

Transactive Energy Operations Cost-Benefit Alignment - This presentation lays out an incentive-compatible Transactive Energy Systems design to ensure while a level playing field is provided for the transactive agents, such standby/passive consumers are protected both financially (with respect to their electricity bills) and with respect to the level of service they receive.

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