Opportunities and Challenges for Synergies between Renewable Resources and Electric Vehicles

26 Jul 2021
* 21PESGM2938, TBD: A. DUBEY, Washington State University * 21PESGM2939, TBD: S. VEDA, National Renewable Energy Laboratory * 21PESGM2940, TBD: A. AL-AWAMI, King Fahd University of Petroleum &, Minerals * 21PESGM2941, TBD: V. ARAVINTHAN, Wichita State University
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Energy Development and Power Generation
Visvakumar Aravinthan, Wichita State University
The electric energy sector has been experiencing a huge transformation in the way energy is generated and utilized. Edge technologies including transportation electrification seems to gain greater traction. It has been shown that electric vehicles can facilitate the integration of higher penetration of renewable energy systems when their charging is coordinated properly. One way that has been proposed to integrate large numbers of EVs is through vehicle-to-grid (V2G). This panel session aims to investigate the latest developments on utilizing EVs as virtual resources for grid support, especially in the presence of considerable renewable penetration.

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