Defining and Quantifying Resilience

26 Jul 2021
* 21PESGM2679, Dynamics and Control of Microgrids in Resilient Networks: Y. XU, Beijing Jiaotong University * 21PESGM2680, Department Energy Management and Power System Operation: C. HACHMANN, U. Kassel, B. HOLGER, Fraunhofer IEE, J. HAACK, U. Kassel M. BRAUN, Fraunhofer IEE * 21PESGM2681, Economic Value of Power system Resilience: J. ETO, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory * 21PESGM2682, Seismic Resilience of Electric Power Systems: R. MORENO, University of Chile * 21PESGM2683, Regulating Resilience: The Integrated Resource Planning Process: B. FINK, Public Service Commission * 21PESGM2684, Microgrids as a Resilience Source: C-C LIU, Virginia Tech
Sponsored by:
Power System Dynamic Performance
Alex Stankovic, Tufts University, Kevin Tomsovic, University of Tennessee Knoxville
This panel session will summarize the work of the Task Force over the last 3 years. Specific topics to be covered include: 1. Resilience as a distinct technical concept 2. The societal and business case for resilience 3. Community Resilience 4. Definitions – conceptual aspects and taxonomy; literature review 5. Definitions – technical aspects of power system resilience 6. Multiscale aspects – temporal stages and spatial domains 7. Planning and Operational Aspects of Resilience 8. Quantification methods – metrics, evaluation 9. Relationship with robustness, reliability, stability and security 10. Resilience enhancement 11. Simulation and operator training for resilience enhancement 12. Case studies and benchmarks - Data requirements and analytics

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