2020 PES GM 8/4 Panel Video: Natural Disaster Mitigation: Best Practices, Methods and Resilience Metrics

04 Aug 2020
Primary Committee:
Power System Operations, Planning & Economics (PSOPE)
Sponsored by:
Technologies & Innovation Subcommittee
Jay Liu, Rafael Ferreira
Session Type:
Panel Session
Video Length / Slide Count:
Time: 02:32:34
Natural disaster mitigation is essential for sustainable and resilient power systems. Tracking utility best practices on natural disaster mitigation is not only a high demand from the industry, but also an integral effort in the R&D initiatives of power resiliency. Worldwide best practices have invoked great attentions in the Society on natural disaster mitigation operation method and planning strategy advances, and have sparked extensive R&D efforts on associated resiliency metrics and analysis methods. This panel will report the latest news and industry activities on this subject, followed by a town hall panel discussions by a group of leading scholars in the Society to address a comprehensive and systematic view of resilience metric on this subject. Existing study methods tools and shortfalls will be discussed. New analysis method advances, including data driven modeling and optimization methods on system enhancement, pre-event prevention, event ad hoc reaction and post-event recovery coordination will be addressed. Applications and impacts of renewable energy, DER and micro grids in disaster mitigation have been evident in the practices, quantification and advanced control with these resources through grid recovery is yet to be comprehensive. Interdisciplinary researches on meteorology and power system operation security will also be discussed with the most recent progresses in research and practices.

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