2019 IEEE General Meeting 8/6 Panel Presentation: Late Breaking News - Managing Today's Grid for Reliability, Resiliency and Sustainability

12 Aug 2019
B. Chiu, M. Lauby, M. Blaise, B. Thompson, J.C. Montero Quiros, V. Rabl, M. Vaiman
M. Sanders, S. Bahramirad
Session Type:
Super Session
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Pages: 97

Technological Advancements to Manage Modern Electrical Grids

The requirements for the electric power grid are evolving with customer expectations, challenges stemming from climate changes, and transition to renewable and distributed forms of generation. New and emerging technology can help to respond to these evolving requirements, while maintaining and improving the reliability and resiliency of the grid. For example, higher penetration of DER is requiring visibility and dynamic control at levels not seen before.

This panel seeks to understand how electric utilities and technology providers are proposing new technologies and implement initiatives to the evolving grid. The panelist will discuss on a number of advanced technologies to increase observability and controllability of the system, including digital sensors, synchrophasors, communications and data management tools. Along with specific focus on software tools such as Advanced Distribution Management System, Distributed Energy Resource Management System, Microgrid Controls, and State Estimation.

The panelists will also discuss how to manage risk and cost in deploying advanced technology; and how each of them is approaching the challenges and opportunities on grid management both through technical and non-technical paths


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